How do I choose which coffee to subscribe to?

You can find brief descriptions of all of our coffees on the product pages for each of our subscription products, including gift subscriptions, under the section “Which Coffee Should You Choose?”  Just hover over the coffee bag and a description will pop-up.


Here are some more details about our roasts


Our flagship blend, Good Neighbor is that thoughtful medium roasted coffee that is always there to lend a hand, a cup of sugar or a tool, but never makes a fuss when the party goes too late or the music is too loud. Balancing sweetness with spice, this reliable blend plays well with others, namely cream and sugar, but also holds your attention in a starring role. Essential, not too fussy, never gets jealous of the other coffees in the kitchen, Good Neighbor is just the type of coffee you always want to have around.


Like a warm hug for your mouth. Fuzzy Sweater is a full bodied coffee with a dark(ish) roast to match. The perfect choice for those who like their coffee to bite back, in a fluffy kitten kinda way.


A rotating mix of single origins from light to medium roast, Mixtape is a nonstop parade of music for your mouth. For those who like their flavors varied and their coffee funky, we serve up a mix of the best single origins we've got and keep the hits coming. 


Like a key that opens into a hidden garden, Secret Handshake is your ticket to an entire new world of coffee. First you take the elevator to the rooftop bar, at the coat check, you spill the contents of your bag onto the counter. They will be returned to you with instructions on where to sit. When the bartender approaches, order a Singapore Sling, heavy on the pineapple. A hand will be extended to you, shake that hand. You will never look back. Rare and fleeting flavors of the tropics are found here.


Midnight Special is a serious coffee for decaffeinated times, for all those you want to keep the coffee train going but without all the buzz. For us, decaf is not just an afterthought and is given its proper dues. When you're ready to let that midnight light shine on, make it special.



Is shipping free?

All coffee subscriptions ship free.  Coffee orders over $50 ship free, as does any order on our site over $75.  All other shipping is based on the weight of the items shipped.


Can I pause my subscription?

Of course. You can pause or skip your next order any time. Just go to your account dashboard, click “Manage Subscriptions,” next click on the Subscriptions section, then click on the subscription you would like to pause.  Scroll to the bottom and easily pause or skip your next order.  We process subscriptions Tuesday mornings, so just be sure to make any changes for the week by Monday night.


Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account dashboard and clicking “Manage Subscriptions.” Next, click on the Subscriptions section, then click on the subscription you would like to cancel.  Scroll to the bottom and easily cancel or pause your subscription. Any changes to your account must be made by Monday night to affect your next order.


Can I edit my subscription?

You can edit your subscription to change the coffee you’re getting or the frequency you’re getting it by going to your account dashboard. Click “Manage Subscriptions,” then click the Subscriptions section.  From there click on the subscription you would like to edit. Here you can edit your coffee roast/grind and frequency.


If you would like to change the number of bags you receive per delivery, you will need to sign up for a new subscription and cancel your current subscription.  If you are having any issues making this change just reach out to orders@dearfranciscoffee.com and we can help coordinate this for you.  One exception to this is if you simply want to add additional bags of the same roast.  In this case, you can simply increase the quantity of your current subscription.


Where do you source your beans?

We source from small producers the world over, with a current focus on sourcing direct from small farms in the highlands of Guatemala.  We purchase directly from producers and through a few select importers.  Our focus is on quality and we aim to increase our direct purchases as we foster new relationships with producers.


What about sustainability?

Decreasing our impact is a huge priority for us.  Coffee is a perishable product.  But the production process along with its packaging and shipping can have lasting implications on our environment.  We set out with sustainability front of mind, and we are currently implementing several practices to reduce our impact.


For almost a year now, we have been on the hunt for 100% compostable packaging for our coffee beans that is durable and protects the quality of the roasted beans.  This has been no small feat.  We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to 100% compostable coffee bags (that includes the de-gassing valve and zipper), as well as 100% recyclable and/or compostable mailers (depending on your city’s rules).  We are also using 100% compostable shipping labels and stickers on all of our shipments.  We estimate these changes to be fully in place by summer of 2023.


Our current bags are made from 40% compostable materials, but the branded labels and ink are not. Decreasing plastic waste is a major sticking point for us, especially when our coffee is designed to be enjoyed fresh but it’s container can long outlast its contents.  We know that the entire chain of production has multiple impacts along the way, each with its own possibility for improvement, and as we grow we are committed to examining and improving our practices at each step in the process. We’re determined to continue to expand on our sustainability goals and will continue to keep you updated in an honest and transparent manner along the way. So please stay tuned.


What if there’s a problem with my order?

If there is a problem with your delivery, please email us at orders@dearfranciscoffee.com  For any other issues please check out our refund policy for more information.