Our Story

We are, above all, dreamers. We dream in coffee, of making and sharing coffee.  We dream of all the ways coffee connects and inspires us. Dear Francis is our coffee dream. It is a dream that has been nurtured by many things; the hours spent in the classroom learning from talented teachers, time on the roaster in awe of its transformative magic, obsessively tasting and testing coffees from around the world, and the many years absorbing and refining our creative process.  After quietly toiling, learning our trade, crafting our plans, and dialing in the details, we are ready to share this dream with you.

Dear Francis is the result of many years of personal and professional experience in the coffee world.  In the before times, from a little street corner in San Francisco we grew a whole coffee family out of a small, fiercely loved cafe. This family of friends and coworkers grew for over a decade to teach us many things; the idea that good coffee can transport you to another place, that there is magic inherent in transforming beans into beverage, that there is deep satisfaction in creating daily ritual, and joy inherent in its completion.  But more than anything, our experience has taught us to recognize what we love most about coffee; the way it connects us to others, and the immense joy of making people’s day a little bit better, one sip at a time. 

It is this same sense of joy, connection, and wonder that we hope to share with you at Dear Francis where the coffee is always freshly roasted with a smile and delivered direct to your doorstep.  Come dream with us.